Modeling with Impact

Online Advanced Techniques in General Equilibrium Modeling with GAMS

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There is an increasing demand for quantitative economic analysis in a large number of areas: public finance, environment, forthcoming WTO negotiations, international trade, sectoral issues, within-country regional issues, development, forecasting, agricultural issues, regional trade agreements, European enlargement, labor market issues, etc. Applied general equilibrium (AGE) modeling offers powerful tools that can be used in all these areas. The online courses will introduce all the fundamental tools for constructing and implementing large-scale applied general equilibrium models with GAMS. By the end of the course the participants will have acquired detailed knowledge of and extensive hands-on experience.

Asynchronous learning

The eight-week asynchronous online courses allow you to participate any time you want, day or night. The discussion is written chat with the instructor making comments throughout the day and evening, so you can always catch up on the conversation and join in anytime!

Participants will acquire detailed knowledge of and extensive hands-on experience in modeling by the end of the course. This online course offers a collaborative learning environment.  Participants work together to brainstorm ideas, analyze case studies and solve problems through virtual classrooms on the EcoMod web site. The course will be offered in English.

Content and Methodology

The courses use a practical approach to model building. The participants actually build the model step-by-step with guidance from the instructors: from small to large scale and from simple to complex structure. The participants acquire extensive practical hands-on experience in building a complex, large-scale model. This allows them to easily implement the first version of their own model using the GAMS codes of EcoMod.