Modeling with Impact

Macroeconometric Modeling, Forecasting, and Policy Analysis

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Intensive course at the introductory level. This course is tailored for staff developing or using macroeconometric models and staff involved in policy analysis in the central banks, ministries, and international institutions.

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Course objective: 


By the end of the course the participants will have acquired detailed knowledge of and extensive hands-on experience in:

  • Macroeconometric modeling: history, types, structure.
  • Data, their type, and characteristics.
  • The use of EViews for data analysis.
  • Econometric estimations and testing with EViews.
  • Nonstationarity and Unit root tests.
  • Cointegration tests and long-run estimations.
  • Error correction models and short-run analysis.
  • Building a macroeconometric model in EViews.
  • The algorithms for solving models.
  • Checking the validity and consistency of models.
  • Calibration and update of models.
  • Designing scenarios and running policy simulations.
  • Reporting the model results. Interpretations and policy implications.