Modeling with Impact


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Mohamed-Karim Abdellaoui
The Impact of Trade Openness on Growth: an Empiral Investigation from Morocco and Tunisia

Tamer Afifi
Institutional Reform: a Step Towards Free Trade in Egypt

Wissem Ajili
The "twin Deficits", Are-they Really Twins? an Empirical Investigation in the Case of a Small Developing Economy

Soumya Alamuru, K.N.Murty
Macro Economic Effects of Changes in Public Investment in India - a Simulation analysis

Carlo Amati, Francisco Barbaro, Maria Alessandra Guerrizio, Francesca Spagnolo
A Forecasting System for the Expenditure of Public Investments

Turid Åvitsland
The Problem With a Risk Premium in a Non-stochastic CGE Model

Mohammad Bakhshodeh, S Shajari
The Economics of Risk and Technology Adoption: Evidence From Wheat in Iran

Mohammad Bakhshodeh, M Sahraeian
Agricultural Market Integrations and Accession to the WTO: an Application to the Major Crops in Iran

Raul Barreto
Foreign Aid: What Good Is It?

Lamia Ben Hamida
The Study of Investment Movement Using Tobin's Q Model: Swiss Case 1948-1995

Keshab Raj Bhattarai
Political Economy of Conflict, Cooperation and Economic Growth: Nepalese Dilemma

Keshab Raj Bhattarai
An Empirical Study of Interest Rate Determination Rules

Lumengo Bonga-Bonga
Economic Growth and Redistribution Policy: the Role of Fiscal Policy in South Africa

Samir Cury, Allexandro Mori Coelho
From Revenue To Value Added Taxes: Welfare and Fiscal Efficiency Effects In Brazil

Cristela Dakila, Francisco G. Dakila Jr.
Modeling the Impact of Overseas Filipino Workers Remittances on the Philippine Economy

Cristela Dakila, Shoshi Mizokami
A General Equilibrium Model of the Impact of Impedance Factor in Transport on Interregional Flows in the Philippines

Gildas De Muizon
How to Improve the Efficiency of the EU Emission Trading Scheme?

Roman Deng
The Fundamental Basis of Economic Developmental Pattern

Emilian Dobrescu
Integration of Macroeconomic Behavioural Relationships and the Input-output Block (Romanian Modelling Experience)

André Dramais
SM².a Different Approach to the Definition of Potential Output.

Geoffrey M. Ducanes, Marie Anne Cagas, Duo Qin, Pilipinas Quising, M. A. Razzaque, Nedelyn Magtibay-Ramos
Macroeconomic Effects of Fiscal Policies: Empirical Evidence From Bangladesh, China, Indonesia and the Philippines

Frederic Dufourt, Rodolphe Dos Santos Ferreira
Indeterminacy of Free Entry Equilibria: General Approach and Macroeconomic Applications

Bernhard Eckwert, Burkhard Drees
Implications of Better Information for Technological Development and Welfare

Nevine Eid
FDI-Growth Relationship: Is Financial Deepening a Pre-condition

Salah El-Sheikh
The Structure and Determinants of Egypt´s Urban Income: a Time Series Investigation

Jean Luc Erero, Jan van Heerden
The Influence of Road and Rail Freight Rates on the South African Economy - a Tax Simulation Through a Computable General Equilibrium Analysis

John Fender, Neil Rankin
On the (Non)Equivalence of Money- and Exchange-Rate-Based Disinflation

Antonio Fonfria, Isabel Alvarez, Raquel Marin
The Role of Networking in the Competitiveness Profile of Spanish Firms

Mário Fortuna
Ali Bayar
Cristina Mohora, Francisco Silva, Sual Sisik
A Computable General Equilibrium Modeling Platform for the Azorean Economy:
A Simple Approach with International Trade

Maxime Fougere, Simon Harvey, Bruno Rainville, Andrea Wenham
Canada's Public Pension System and the Labour Force Participation of Older Workers

Maxime Fougere, Patrick Georges, Marcel Merette
The Transmission Effects of World Demographic Changes in a Multi-Country Overlapping Generations Model

Jianbang Gan
International Trade and Forest Conservation Leakage

Edward Ghartey
Exchange Pressure, Sterilized Intervention and Monetary Policy in Ghana

Edward Ghartey
The Mid 1990s Peso Crisis in Mexico: a Re-examination

Thomas Gries
SEZ, Regional Development and Disparity

Rizlane Guati
Real Exchange Rate Misalignments in Some Mediterranean Countries

Alejandro Guerson
Fiscal Policy for Good: Reducing Macroeconomic Volatility in Uruguay

Nojoud Habash
The Effect of Macroeconomic Policies on the Wave of FDI to the MENA Countries

Judith Hecht, E.-A., Nuppenau
Modelling Decision Making in Communal Areas of Namibia: Do Prevailing Strategies of Family Labour Allocation Coincide with Objectives of Peasant Farmers?

Kim Heide, Dennis Fredriksen, Erling Holmøy, Ingeborg Foldøy Solli
The Declining Skill-premium in Norway: How Skill-Biased Technical Change is Compatible with a Declining Wage Premium.

Santiago Herrera, Gaobo Pang
Efficiency of Infrastructure: the Case of Container Ports

Yasuko Ishiguro
Endogeneous Capital Agglomeration: a Consideration of the Expansion in Assets Disparity Between Countries

Sardar Islam, Christine Mak
Health Sector Planning: Modeling and Implications

Sardar Islam, Sethapong Watanapalachaikul, Colin Clark
Are Emerging Financial Markets Efficient? Some Evidence from the Models of the Thai Stock Market

Zahra Javaheri, Azadeh M.A
Fuzzy Cotrolled Simulation for Traffic Flow

Deborah Knirsch
Is a Detailed Tax Planning for Investment Decisions Worthwhile? Evidence From Germany

Ying Kong, Gervan Fearon
A Game Theory Model of Welfare Analysis for Price Change of Imports

Paitoon Kraipornsak
Long Run Energy Consumption Model for Thailand: Static and Dynamic Systems of Demand Equations

Tomi Kyyra, Mika Maliranta
The Declining Labour Share: Lessons From Finnish Micro-data

Clotilde L´angevin, Salvatore Serravalle
French and German export performances - An analysis by sector and partner country

Marco, Chi Keung Lau, To Kin-Man, Chester, Zhang Zhi Ming
MFA Fibers Imported From China & H.K. to U.S. - a Structural Change Analysis

Jose Leite, Monteiro, Roberto Alves
Studying Family Farming Agriculture: Issues on Theory and Method

Qian Li, Richard Harris
Exporting, R&D and Absorptive Capacity in UK Establishments: Evidence from the 2001 Community Innovation Survey

Ermelinda Lopes
The EU Enlargement and Integration As a Contribution to the Financial Stability

Jesús López-rodríguez, J.Andres Faina Medin
Human Capital Accumulation and Geography: Empirical Evidence in the European Union

Jesús López-rodríguez, J.Andres Faina Medin
Regional Income Disparities in Europe: What Role for Location?

Shu-shiuan Lu
How Does Arithmetic Mystify the Growth Success? Taiwan Case

Shu-shiuan Lu
Banking and Growth: Taiwan case - The Role of Efficiency Improvement in Capital Market

Adrian Ma
Time-varying Risk Premium in the Forward Exchange Rate

Svetlana Makarova, Wojciech Charemza
Ex-ante Dynamics of Real Effects of Monetary Policy: Theory and Evidence for Poland and Russia, 2001-2003

Casiano Manrique De Lara Peñate, Dolores Santos-Peñate
Comparison of Different Updating Procedures and Identification of Temporal Patterns

Michael Margolis, Jason F. Shogren
On the Sale of Disguised Protectionism

Kenichi Matsumoto, Toyoo Fukuda
Analysis of the Effects of the Carbon Taxes Based on Imputed Prices of Carbon

Alain Maurin, Gladys Cotrie, Roland Craigwell
Estimating Indexes of Coincident and Leading Indicators

António Menezes, José Vieira
Willingness to Pay for Airline Services Attributes: Microeconometric Evidence from a Stated Preference Discrete Choice Model

Leonor Modesto, Frédéric Dufourt, Teresa Lloyd-Braga
Indeterminacy and Unemployment Fluctuations With Constant Returns to Scale in Production

Nicolas Moumni
An emprical analysis of the Paris stockmarlet 1995-2005

Jens Mueller
How to Close the Value Gap Between Market and Tax Values?

Ganesh Nana, Dr Nicola Chandler
Exporting Versus Import Substitution in New Zealand - a General Equilibrium Analysis

Stefan Norrbin, Onsurang Pipatchaipoom
Reexamining Real Interest Rate Parity

Pascale Petit, Emmanuel Duguet
Hiring Discrimination in the French Financial Sector : an Econometric Analysis on Field Experiment Data

Edoardo Pizzoli, Giuseppe Lecardane, Domenico Ciaccia
Impact Analysis of the Common Agricultural Policy Changes in Italy: a Two Sectors Input-output and Micro-econometric Modelling Approach

Jodylyn Quijano, Dante Garcia
Unraveling causality in government spending and economic development: The Philippine experience, 1980-2004

Doina Radulescu, Michael Stimmelmayr
ACE Vs. CBIT: Which Is Better for Investment and Welfare?

Antonio Ribba
Permanent Disinflationary Effects on Unemployment in a Small Open Economy: Italy 1979-1995

Angi Rösch, Harald Schmidbauer
Extreme Returns and Contagion in Chinese and European Equity Markets: a Comparison of SSEC and DAX

Gianpaolo Rossini, Paolo Zanghieri
Current Account Composition and Sustainability of External Debt

Rosario Sanchez, Maria Angeles Diaz
Firms' Size and Productivity in Spain: a Stochastic Frontier Analysis

Rosario Sanchez, Mª Angeles Díaz Mayans
Wage Gap and Temporality in Spain

Susana Santos
Constructing a Database for Economic Modelling From the System of National Accounts: a Social Accounting Matrix for Portugal.

Sonia Sayari, Abdelwahed OMRI
An Evaluation Of Earnings Management : The Case Of Tunisian Companies

Aylin Seckin
Home Advantage in Association Football: Evidence from Turkish Super League

Aylin Seckin
Art as an Investment under High Inflation: an Empirical Study on Turkish Paintings

Abdallah Shehata, Prof. Lobna Abdelatif
Fiscal Sustainability and the Role of the State: a New Analytical Framework

Ludovick Leon Shirima

Fiscal Equalization Formula Design for the Republic of Rwanda

Mahinda Siriwardana, Jinmei Yang
Economic Effects of the Proposed Australia-china Free Trade Agreement

Per Bjarte Solibakke
Mean and Volatility Transmission in European Electrcity Markets. a Seminonparametric Approach

Yontem Sonmez, Dr Scott McDonald
Trade Implications of Turkey's Accession to the EU

Peter Stalder
Central Banks' Inflation Forecasts: The Problem of Conditioning on Fixed Short-Term Interest Rates

Michael Stimmelmayr, Doina Radulescu
Does Incorporation Matter? Quantifying the Welfare Loss of Non-uniform Taxation Across

Guntur Sugiyarto, Erwin Corong
Poverty Impacts of Trade Liberalization: The Case of Indonesia

Pekka Sulamaa, Mika Widgrén
Turkish EU Membership: a Simulation Study on Economic Effects

Kjell Sümegi, Peter Haiss
The Relationship of Insurance and Economic Growth - a Theoretical and Empirical Analysis

Wei Sun
Why Do Floating Exchange Rates Float? Evidence From Capital Flows in a Structural VAR Model

Caren Sureth, Ralf Maiterth
Wealth Tax As Alternative Minimum Tax ? - the Impact of Minimum Taxation on Business Structure and Strategy -

Ger Trip, Woody Maijers
The Process of Establishing Cooperation in the Production Chain: Design and Use of a Partnership Game

Panos Tsakloglou, Daniela Mantovani, Fotis Papadopoulos, Holly Sutherland
Pension Incomes in the European Union: Policy Reform Strategies in Comparative Perspective

Frantisek Turnovec
Ownership Structures, Transparency and Economic Power

Yuen Wai-Kee, Wan-Ling Chu
What Determines the Self-reported Expected Christmas and New Year Holiday Consumption Behavior? a Survey Study in Hong Kong

Jiao Wang
China's Economic Impact upon Liberalisation in 2002-2007 - a CGE Analysis

Jiao Wang
China's Regional Impact and Labour Movement in 2002-2007 - a Regional CGE Analysis

Baotai Wang, Ajit Dayanandan
The Impact of Economic Openness and Growth on Poverty: Canadian Experience (1981-2003)

Takatoshi Watanabe, Mitsuru Shimoda, Kiyoshi Fujikawa
A Comparative Study on Resource Saving Technology Based on OECD I-O Database

Dirk Willenbockel
Structural Effects of a Real Exchange Rate Revaluation in China: a CGE Assessment

Wiepke Wissema, Rob Dellink
CGE Assessment of Interactions between a Carbon Energy Tax and Pre-existing Taxes

Wiepke Wissema, Rob Dellink
CGE Analysis of the Impact of a Carbon Energy Tax on the Irish Economy

Fang Xu, Helmut Herwartz
What determines the relation between domestic saving and investment? - a new look at the Feldstein-Horioka puzzle

Ya Ping Yin
Business and Financial Services: New Engine of Economic Growth?

Dandan Zeng
Technical Efficiency in Mega European Bank Mergers and Acquisitions

Dayong Zhang, David Dickinson, Marco R. Barassi
Structural Breaks, Cointegration and the B Share Discount in Chinese Stock Market