Modeling with Impact

Advisory Services

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EcoMod provides services to the world’s leading institutions, governments, central banks, and businesses.

Using powerful analytical techniques, software, and databases, EcoMod helps policymakers make better decisions.

We help people, governments, international institutions, central banks, and companies in building and using real-life models and large data management and visualization applications.

EcoMod provides customized national, global, and regional models and web-based databases to institutions worldwide.

EcoMod fellows have decades of unparalleled expertise in:

  • General equilibrium modeling
  • Financial general equilibrium modeling
  • Dynamic stochastic general equilibrium modeling
  • Overlapping generations modeling
  • Financial programing
  • Input-output techniques, multiplier models, and social accounting matrices
  • Macroeconometric modeling
  • Micro-simulation modeling
  • VAR modeling
  • Optimization models
  • System dynamics and agent-based modeling.

EcoMod has extensive experience in developing and using models in impact assessment, scenario analysis, forecasting, projections, strategic planning, and policy development in the field of:

  • Labor markets,
  • Agriculture
  • Industrial policy and diversification
  • Strategic planning
  • Energy
  • Climate change and energy
  • International trade
  • Within country regional issues
  • Tax policy and public expenditures
  • Social security
  • Public finance
  • Monetary policy
  • Development
  • Transport.

For our advisory and training services please contact us.