Modeling with Impact

Practical General Equilibrium Modeling with GAMS

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Intensive course at the introductory level. For those who have little or no experience in modeling and in GAMS

Course objective: 

The course will introduce all the basic tools for constructing and implementing large-scale applied general equilibrium models for policy analysis. By the end of the course the participants will have acquired detailed knowledge of and extensive hands-on experience in:

  • the structure of open economy general equilibrium models,
  • building the database for such models,
  • building social accounting matrices,
  • calibrating a CGE model,
  • formulating a CGE model as a non linear programming problem,
  • formulating a CGE model as a mixed complementarity problem,
  • implementing the model on the computer using the GAMS software,
  • using the solvers CONOPT, MINOS, PATH, and PATHNLP,
  • modeling the labor market,
  • formulating scenarios and running policy simulations,
  • reporting and interpreting the results,
  • linking GAMS and Excel for reading and reporting data

The course uses a practical  and very intensive approach to model building. The participants will actually build the model EcoMod step-by-step with guidance from the instructors: from small to large scale and from simple to complex structure. The participants will acquire extensive practical hands-on experience in building a complex, large-scale model. This will allow them to easily implement the first versionof their own model using the GAMS codes of EcoMod.



Suat Lemi Sisik, Brussels, Belgium and Istanbul, Turkey

Suat Lemi Sisik is mathematician, economist and specialist in EU integration and also in entrepreneurship and business organizations. He started his professional career as teacher, teaching assistant and instructor in mathematics and statistics (

Sisik has been research fellow at Universite Libre de Bruxelles ( and senior researcher and instructor at EcoMod Global Modelling Network. He works on projects in scenario and impact analysis on international trade, energy, tax policy, forecasting, projections and EU enlargement. He worked on projects for European countries, Gulf countries, Central Asian countries and Central American countries. He has provided courses in Europe, Asia, Americas and Africa.

He followed an internship program at the European Commission, DG Regional Policy on Cohesion Fund and Structural Funds Projects of the EU Commission.( He represented the Young Businessmen Association of Turkey to the EU, regarding the accession process of Turkey to the EU ( He was elected as the Secretary General of the European Confederation of Young Entrepreneurs and represented YES in the EU and abroad, as well as representing the EU at global meetings such as G8–Young Business Summit and G20–Young Entrepreneurs’ Summit (